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Eco-friendly products

During massages at Re.Move, only hand-made and completely natural products are used to offer you an exceptional treatment experience. Quality is an absolute priority for Re.Move, which has created its own exclusive product line for body wellness. Each product is carefully crafted using magnesium oil, a powerful source of benefits for the body. Packaging is also prioritized, with chosen materials being recyclable and/or reusable.

Re.Move is committed to taking care of the environment as much as it is committed to taking care of your well-being.


Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize.


Magnesium oil is a powerhouse of benefits! It deeply relaxes muscles, melts away stress, enhances the quality of your sleep, strengthens your bones, boosts your energy levels, facilitates nutrient absorption, and revitalizes your overall well-being.

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Treat yourself to a moment of personal well-being right in the comfort of your own home. Through the complete catalog, you can discover a wide range of natural and cruelty-free products, specifically formulated to enhance your well-being. From massage candles to bath salts, each item is enriched with the beneficial properties of magnesium oil, guaranteeing a complete rejuvenating experience.

Request further information on how to consult the catalog and have them delivered to your home by contacting Re.Move.